Save . Play . Earn

A smart, powerful and fun savings experience

A methodology recommended by the best financial coaches to accompany you from the 1st euro saved to financial independence

  • Save €1000 for your first emergency fund.
  • Save to pay off your consumer debt early.
  • Save for what makes you happy: go somewhere, buy something thing, ...
  • Saves 3-6 months of expenses in an emergency fund.
  • Save and invest to make your money grow.

Saving becomes a rewarding game

The HAPPY SAVER game: Each slice of €25 saved on Eliz entitles you to a free and permanent ticket 🎟️ to try to win up to €100/month in JOY$. Your money is not in danger. (See rules inside the app)

The always winning game without bad losers

JOY$ to be won for your fully funded projects. (See conditions in the app)


Useful and pleasant rules to save more and earn more

  • Optimal savings: Eliz calculates the optimal amount to save.
  • Pay day/salary: save part of your salary.
  • Weekend boost.
  • Spend guilt-free at your favorite brands and save for your projects.
  • Quiz: who wants to save millions?
  • Roulette: come challenge the roulette wheel and find out how much to save.
Des règles d'épargne automatiques

Turn your JOY$ into savings or gift cards

Boost your savings with your JOY$ converted into cash

Increase your purchasing power by exchanging your JOY$ for gift cards of your choice

Convertis tes joys en épargne ou en carte cadeaux

Save money and preserve the planet

Now is the time for all of us to take responsibility for our planet. Eliz is here to help you be part of global climate action through savings and spendthrift behavior change: the only fast and efficient solution for green and sustainable finance.

Find out how many carbon emissions you were able to avoid 🌱 by saving with Eliz

Eliz calculates the carbon emissions of your expenses and those avoided thanks to your savings to help you improve the impact of your money on the planet

Epargner et preserver la planète

Spend on what would increase
your happiness and earn JOY$

Buy Experiences

The happiness that comes from material goods might be sometimes short lived, whereas experience provides happiness before it happens, while you are enjoying the experience, and after through memories.


Buy Time

Is this even possible? Yes, it is possible. Eliz provides you with a large range of products and services that allow you to have more free time to spend on what makes you happier.

Invest for a better world
and earn JOY$

Invest in others

Eliz will help you put your money where your heart is by supporting causes that matter to you.


Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is arguably the best investment you can make, one of the best ways to spend your money.


Financial Happiness

Managing money is boring and stressful, and the current banking system keeps people anxious and in debt. Eliz is there to get you out of this system in order to better manage your money and make the most of it.
Financial Happiness is a set of principles to be implemented to align the management of personal finances with respect for the fundamental values of an ethical, responsible and sustainable world. Concretely Eliz helps you track and improve the positive impact of your money on yourself, others and the planet.

More features to manage your money

Eliz improves your financial stability

Connect your bank accounts, in a 100% secure way, and follow your expenses.

A complete dashboard with useful metrics to manage your accounts.

No more unpleasant surprises, Eliz plans your future expenses.


Our planet is at the heart of financial happiness

Eliz calculates the carbon emissions of your expenses to improve the impact of your money on the planet !

The time has come for all of us to assume responsibility. Eliz's goal is to help its users be part of the global climate action through behavioural change: the only fastest and efficient solution to climate change.

Security is happiness

We implement the strongest information security and banking standards. Our partners are certified by Banque de France which guarantees the highest degree of security of your data.

SSL Encryption

All the data on Eliz is protected through SSL connection entirely encrypted through 256-bites algorithms.