Why your brand should
adopt SNBL with Eliz ?

Increased loyalty

Customers engaged in a savings plan linked to your brand are more likely to finalize their purchase with you.

Anticipated liquidity

Benefit from funds deposited by customers even before the purchase is finalized.

Sustainable approach

Position yourself as an ethical brand, promoting financial responsibility and thoughtful purchasing culture.

Tangible benefits for your brand with Eliz

Early engagement: SNBL creates a bond between you and the customer well before the purchase.

Increase in average order value

Exclusive offers: Reward your SNBL customers with special offers.

Eliz Dashboard: Track your customers' SNBL operation trends and adjust your offers.

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The power of financial planning

Spontaneity has its charm, but foresight has its rewards. SNBL empowers your customers to plan their purchases, thus strengthening their commitment to your brand.

With rising costs and growing economic precarity, consumers prefer to plan their major purchases rather than resort to credit.

Une expérience d’épargne intelligente, automatique et amusante

How does SNBL work for your customers?

Product or brand selection

Customers choose the product or service they want. This selection is made on your website or the Eliz app.

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Definition of the Amount and Savings Duration

Customers decide on the amount they want to save and the duration of the savings (for example, 4 or 6 months) until they can make the purchase.

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Money Placement

The money is placed in a secure account and associated with the brand, increasing your revenue even before the purchase is completed.

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Participation in the HAPPY SAVER game

Boost your customers' savings with Happy Saver. For every 25€ saved on Eliz, they earn a ticket 🎟️ to win up to 100€/month in JOY$. Playing alone is fun, but in a group, it's even better. Encourage them to play with friends for a better chance of winning.

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Purchase with Discount

Once the goal is reached, they benefit from exclusive discounts on their purchase.

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What SNBL with Eliz brings
concretely to your customers

Simplified and Secure Payment

SNBL offers a reliable platform where consumers can plan their purchases without the complications of traditional credits. It's a debt-free and risk-free method for consumers.

Automated Savings with rewards

By regularly setting aside money for a future purchase, consumers can earn rewards on their savings, thus optimizing their purchasing power.

Discounts and Exclusive Offers

When consumers reach their savings goal with SNBL, they can benefit from discounts or special offers from brands, making the purchase more attractive.

Easy Budget Planning

SNBL helps consumers organize themselves financially, encouraging them to save for planned purchases without getting into debt.

Access to High-Quality Products

Thanks to regular savings, consumers can aim for higher-quality products or services they couldn't afford in a single immediate payment.

Strengthening the Brand-Customer Relationship

By committing to a savings plan for a specific product, consumers establish a long-term relationship with the brand, thus increasing loyalty and trust.


Security is happiness

We implement the strongest information security and banking standards. Our partners are certified by Banque de France which guarantees the highest degree of security of your data.

SSL Encryption

All the data on Eliz is protected through SSL connection entirely encrypted through 256-bites algorithms.